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What is a Software Engineer?

A Software Engineers possess great knowledge of programming languages, they lead the way in software development and know everything about computer operating systems. They will use these skills in all forms of software creation. A Software Engineer is there for every step of the development process from analysis and planning around the original requirement to the software process itself. Software Engineers must be flexible as they will face a host of different challenges and employers may require the construction of brand new, customised systems.
In the same way that an architectural engineer ensures the oversees the building and safety of a bridge - a Software Engineer will oversee and actively take part in the development of new programs, systems and software.
As you probably know very well, Software Engineers are in high demand all over the globe. If you’re living in an area with a lot of business then you’ll be used to receiving endless propositions from headhunters and recruiters.
In the U.S. alone there are over 1,000,000 Software Developers.
  • Execute analysis of any requirements for your project
  • Come up with test code, be comfortable in the code-refinement process and clearly communicate with other programmers that have a stake in the project
  • Write new software programs based on in-depth research and a thorough design process
  • Take a look at already-existing programs, analyse them and identify areas that can be improved
  • You might need to come up with all the technical operational documentation associated with systems you have created
  • Identify where there might be defects in systems and correct them
  • Work closely with team members from across the project such as UX Designers, other Devs, System Analysts, Marketing and the Project Manager themself
As we mentioned above, Software Engineers are by far one of the most in-demand professionals in the job market. Pretty much wherever you go, you will find companies scrambling over one another to hire you so you can chill when it comes to finding your next position. With that in mind…

Who employs Software Engineers?

Well, everyone. A better question would be ‘Who hires the most Software Engineers?’ If you take a deeper look at who is hiring Software Engineers like they are going out of fashion, you will see a lot of financial institutions and interestingly - defense companies. By far the company that is hiring the most technologists is Amazon with over nine thousand Developers making up its ranks. IBM comes in second with around half the number that Amazon.

What qualifications does a Software Engineers need?

When it comes to this field, the proof is in the pudding. Similar to an artist, you don’t necessarily need a formal education. You need to have a passion for the area, demonstrated ability, and history of coding cool stuff. That being said, there are certainly some core skills that will help you be the best Engineer possible.


This one probably goes without saying but you can not be a Software Engineer if you don’t know code - it’s self-explanatory. Don’t try to learn them all, pick one or two and be the best at them. If you’re looking to find a space job then it’s highly likely your future employer will require Python knowledge.


The worst thing that you can do as a developer is deploy broken or untested code. That’s why it’s crucial to be fluent in the testing process. Not only that but the ability to quickly identify problems and debug them is invaluable to a Software Engineer. There are a number of ways to test - master a few of them.


The stereotype of an awkward geek pounding away at their keyboard without saying a word to anyone is no longer valid. To be the most successful Software Engineers will be great communicators because they know that in order to maximise success - you need to be an active member of the team.


A disorganised Software Engineer is a stressed one. If you possess the ability to assign priorities, organise your time and be able to see the whole scope of the project, you will be able to deliver quality projects 100% of the time.