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Space Jobs

Look at all the developments going on in the space careers lately. We’re going to Mars, there are many teenagers preparing for the mission already. Rockets aren’t burned in the atmosphere anymore, they’re landing back on the launchpads and ship drones. Flying to space is cheaper, with thousands of private space and aerospace engineering companies sending small and big payloads to space. It’s the time to develp your space careers. Find a one-stop-shop where you can go to find the best space jobs, where some of the most competent recruiters in the industry can go to share their space jobs. There are plenty of aerospace jobs: entry level aerospace engineering jobs, aeronautical engineering jobs, space engineering jobs. The space industry is blooming.

Aerospace Engineers Jobs

Space Individuals is space industry job board working with recruiters and professionals on space jobs in Europe and America. Our goal is to boost your aerospace engineering career. We’re also space engineers ourselves. (Or at least, we were – otherwise we’d be applying for a lot of the space jobs ourselves). That means we’ve been where you are. So we know exactly what space engineers and recruiters are expecting from their space careers. And because we can speak more openly with then about the space careers, we form stronger relationships. Which means we learn more about the company you might be interviewing at. Which means we can give you better advice and guidance.

Space careers

Alternatively, you might feel you know what you want from your space career. You might just be looking for a change. Or perhaps you want to join the space industry. In that case, you can visit Space Individuals. There are space jobs in Europe and the US there for you to choose from. Aeronautical engineering jobs, aerospace engineering jobs, aerospace careers, astrophysics careers and space science jobs. Part-time to full-time. Salaries from entry-level to – well… I won’t say “the sky’s the limit”. Because it isn’t anymore. Space is. With so many space jobs available, and with new vacancies coming on board all the time, there’ll almost certainly be something that should pique your interest.

Entry level engineering jobs

It doesn’t matter what stage of your space career you’re at. It is important what type of job you want within the space industry. You could be a graduate looking to get into the field, or you could be Buzz Aldrin. Or Buzz Lightyear, for that matter. We are happy to talk to you. That’s not only because we’re lovely people who like a good chat. We enjoy helping people in the space careers. Because we used to be in your position, and we enjoyed all the help we got. Plus, of course, the more we help you, the more we can help our space engineers and recruiters. That’s the business. So, you can get in touch. You can email or call for a discreet chat about any questions you have about your space career. Back to home page