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What is a Payload Engineer?

A Payload Engineer plays a pivotal role in virtually all space shuttle activities. The main area of focus is to ensure that spacecraft payload operations are conducted safely, to increase the longevity and useful life of the spacecraft and oversee general payload activities. A Payload Engineer will need a brilliant set of analytical skills and problem-solving prowess.
A Payload Engineer might oversee the payload from design to integration to deployment and is one of the most exciting roles in the space industry.

What are the responsibilities of a Payload Engineer?

As a Payload Engineer you can expect to:
  • Offer support to the other engineers in your team with managing the system whole system engineering of a payload making good use of your expertise in the field
  • Provide frequent assessments on the payload development progress and activities
  • Provide in-depth reports of progress with a solid evaluation of impact and risk
  • Find and elevate potential technical challenges

Essential knowledge for a Payload Engineer

  • Experience in payload design and manufacture. Plus overseeing testing at all stages including equipment level and spacecraft level
  • Experience in the design of payloads and payload technology
  • A solid understanding and even hands-on experience in testing of common payload technologies such as communications and spacecraft
  • Teamworking skills and the ability to discuss and contribute to all mechanical aspects of any project you might be working on
  • Understanding of on-board technologies such as digital channelisation and beamforming
  • Excellent reporting and writing skills

Who hires Payload Engineers?

At the moment, it looks like SpaceX is the biggest hirer of Payload Engineers and that should come as no surprise as it has the most frequent launches of al space exploration entities at the moment. That being said, they are by far not the only ones who need these bright minds. Other launch companies such as Boeing, Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin and Orbital ATK employ plenty of these engineers too.
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