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What is a Full Stack Developer?

A Full-Stack Developer is comfortable working on all aspects of computer software programming. They have a great knowledge of both frontend and backend systems and are able to bring a concept to life from the beginning. They understand the whole spectrum of development and are able to predict potential problems accordingly.
Both ‘ends’ (front and back) require the developer to learn a lot of information be that programming language or the ability to speak browser and database fluently. PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript or anything in that regard.

What does a Full Stack Developer?

The purpose of a Full-Stack Developer is not to be a jack of all trades. It’s about a person who is familiar with each layer of the development process that there is, someone who genuinely enjoys learning about these technologies and who can act as a bridge between all team members and help them if they need it. Communication is so necessary to be able to work seamlessly with both Frontend and Backend developers.
These Developers know exactly how each stage of the web development process goes down and they can lead or guide the process by making use of their knowledge of best practices. As time goes by, Full Stack Developers are becoming increasingly important in the web development process. This is due to their innate ability to be able to see the big picture as opposed to focusing on smaller details. They know all there is to know about the server-side and client side’s user experience.
A Full-Stack Developer should be fluent in:
  • Hosting, Network, Server environments: this could be understanding what could go wrong, why and how to take care of the issue or the proper use of network resources
  • Working very closely with DevOps the whole way
  • Data Modelling: you must know how to come up with relatively normalised
  • Business-Minded: You need to have clear objective-oriented goals
  • API and Action Layers, MVC: you must understand how the world outside of your project works and be able to come up with seamless, clear user interfaces
  • UX: Be able to turn ten clicks into three
Becoming a Full Stack Dev. is nowhere near easy and requires years of learning and experience plus a heavy dose of passion for the technology. Because it is a highly-skilled job, the demand for Full-Stack Devs is always high.

Where does a Full Stack Developer work?

The workplace of a Full Stack Developer could be their couch, their office, a company’s headquarters or virtually anywhere. A freelancer might be travelling around the world to help their clients and consultancy is a common career path for Full Stack Developers too thanks to their great knowledge of all layers of the development process.

What languages does a Full Stack Developer use?

As we mentioned earlier, Full Stack developers have to use a wide variety of different coding languages to achieve their goals. Most programming languages can be batched into two categories: frontend and backend.
Languages commonly seen in frontend development are used to present what you see on the screen. More and more, however, devs are using frontend languages to manage interactions with the program itself. Frontend languages could be HTML which programmers use to build the web page itself or CSS which is essentially the styling of the HTML pages. In addition, there is Java which a lot of people will be familiar with. This language allows you to add interactive elements to HTML pages.
On the other side, quite literally, are the backend languages. These are used to hold and alter data, have control over user permissions and execute all the complex calculations which are necessary to the program. There are a lot of languages that can be considered backend: PHP, Python, Ruby and a lot more.
You will have no trouble finding work as a Full Stack developer in the space industry. We urge you to constantly check back to find the latest opportunities with the coolest space projects.
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