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What is a Database Engineer?

A Database Engineer, who could be employed as a systems software developer or an applications developer, is usually taken on by digital systems companies to create and monitor complicated databases. It’s their job to ensure that any form of database in use is both operations and continues to provide relevant and valid data at all times. Database Engineers have profound knowledge and understanding of computer software, programming and database tech so most employers will ask for a minimum of a degree in computer sciences or experience in a similar field.

What is a Database Engineer’s job description?

At the end o f the day, a Database Engineer oversees the flow of information in the company they choose to work at. They build and maintain databases that offer relevant information and data to other members of staff in the organisation. It’s not surprising to find Database Engineers employed at most financial services providers, hospitals and healthcare institutions or any other entity that needs to store and access large amounts of data.
The United States Bureau of Labor says that the employment of Database Engineers is expected to rise by 21% over the 2020s and that those hired in this position earned an average salary of 100,000 dollars or more.

What duties does a Database Engineer have?

As a Database Engineer, you are the boss and keeper of all information. Your everyday responsibilities will be to ensure the availability of the data whilst making sure the whole system is stable and above all - secure. This means you have to constantly test the system to know there are no sneaky entrance points or loose links - also to know that the data remains uncorrupted. Databases require updates constantly to keep up with the ever-evolving world of computer tech. You will need to be comfortable with the integration of new products and software packs into the various systems that lie beneath your watchful eye.
As a Senior Database Engineer, you may even need to build a Database team who you will train in the ways of the systems that you have created and maintain. As well as teaching them how to make the best use of the data it holds. You will be expected to:
  • Create new databases to meet users needs
  • Come up with code to perform specific duties, like extracting data for reports, updates or deletions
  • Make alterations to and upgrade existing databases
  • Design business intelligence reports using the database
  • Make sure IT and business projects meet standards and requirements
  • For all databases, create IT reports

What is the difference between a Database Engineer and a Database Administrator?

Some people are confused about the difference between the above roles and while in some areas, they do overlap, they are quite distinct. The Administrator focuses on making sure it runs smoothly whilst the Engineer is more focused on creating new applications, expanding the already-existing capabilities.

What soft skills do you need to be a Database Engineer?

  • Team player
  • Financial prowess
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Maths
  • Organisation
  • Be a problem solver
  • Understanding of technical plans
  • Communication
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