Press release – 5 May 2018

Space Individuals, the Global Job Board Set to Revolutionize Space Talent Recruitment

Germany – Space Individuals announces a revolutionary new way for companies and employees in the space industry to connect, operating as the only job platform to offer global coverage of space vacancies and space professionals. It fills the acute need for a global platform where companies and job seekers from the space industry can connect, learn about new job prospects and search for the highest level of talent in an easy and seamless way.

We don't compete with LinkedIn, or Monster. They are meant for everyone. Space Individuals however, is only for professionals in the space industry, looking to make their mark in the field of the future.
Kinga Sternik – Co-founder, Space Individuals

Space Individuals’ unique approach is the result of constant cooperation with candidates and companies. Job seekers have the opportunity to build profiles developed in partnership with HR specialists from within the space industry itself, choose jobs they are interested in, and receive direct email notification about vacancies within their target sector.

There is nothing more rewarding then the thought that we can contribute to hiring professionals who perhaps will work on space travel or colonizing Mars.
Igor Zagnienski – Co-founder, Space Individuals

Launched in May 2017, Space Individuals provides a seamless job application process free of charge, and includes a user-friendly mobile interface, allowing busy professionals to grow their prospects on the go. The platform’s database of job seekers is manually reviewed and verified, with 50% of professionals available for immediate hire, while an additional 30% are available within 3 months’ time. Space Individuals even reaches candidates who might not even know they could work in the space industry, but the market itself may desperately need their expertise.

Today’s space industry needs dynamic talent across a variety of specialties. We reach those individuals and connect them with exciting opportunities – whether they are interns looking to define the next step in human history, HR specialists interested in finding the highest level of space talent, or satellite operators, space robotics specialists and mechanical engineers.
Igor Zagnienski – Co-founder, Space Individuals

Launched by Aerospace Engineer Kinga Sternik and UX Designer Igor Zagnienski less than a year ago, Space Individuals already boasts 12,000 monthly site visits boosted by a 20% monthly growth rate. Industry innovators like Vector, Lilium, CERN and Space Applications Services are among Space Individuals’ many satisfied clients, as are countless startups – after all, Space Individuals is dedicated to supporting new and up-and-coming companies by offering one free job posting every month. Companies can also automate their job postings, further simplifying recruitment processes.

I have met and worked with some of the greatest engineers and scientists in the aerospace industry anyone could have the privilege to work with. Everyone is so unique in their skillset, approach, vision and potential, that it inspired to create an environment where professionals with a dedication for space could express their individual talent and connect with the companies that could maximize that eagerness I have seen time and again.
Kinga Sternik – Co-founder, Space Individuals

For additional information or media inquiries contact:

Kinga Sternik
Co-Founder at Space Individuals

Igor Zagnienski
Co-Founder at Space Individuals

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