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Hire aerospace engineers

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Present your brand in front of thousands of talented space professionals. Create a company profile to showcase experience and potential of your team. Add photos and videos, information about career development company culture and project you're working on.

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Post one job per month for free, forever. Or post many jobs for free during 30-day trial. If you decide for further cooperation after the trial, you can choose one of our payment plans. The best part? When you post multiple jobs, we can make it 100% automated, as long as you use recruiting software with open API.
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Hire aerospace engineers

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Get free access to the database of engineers and software developers. You only need to create a free company profile. Our candidate profiles have all the information you need: from experience and skills set to their current location and work permit.

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Today 68% of the the traffic is from mobile devices. Use Space Individuals to provide the best job search experience everywhere and accept applications from all mobile devices. No app installation is needed.
Hire aerospace engineers
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    Post one job for free per month, or pay to post more jobs.

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    Access the database of the active and passive candidates.

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    At lease once per month your company profile will be displayed on the homepage.

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    20% of our fee is dedicated for a campaign promoting your company profile.

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    Make your brand and job offers accessible on all mobile devices.


The appearance of Space Individuals is like a breath of fresh air in the landscape of recruitment in the space business. I have seen the need myself while recruiting for Terma for a new and up to date platform where companies and space professionals can meet, and “Space Individuals” has come to fill in this gap. With its user friendly interface and possibility to grow alongside the founders openness for suggestions surely there will be more and more active users and followers.

Raluca Moise
Raluca Moise
Recruitment Specialist, Operations,
Space at Terma GmbH

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