We support the space industry with Individuals who build our future and push technology beyond the limits.

Space Individuals

Who we are

Space Individuals - Who we are
We hold a database of hundreds of space jobs, employee testimonials, photos of the offices and company activities and events. We are a startup company based in Augsburg, Germany. Previously we have been working in various companies in the high-tech engineering sector. Today we can clearly see the needs of both parties, the employer and the employee; the needs of Space Individuals.

What we do

Space Individuals - What we do
We help the engineers find the most exciting jobs in the aerospace industry, suited to their expectations, experience and lifestyle. We believe that the crucial factor contributing to the success of the company is to hire the right people.

Our goal is to promote the companies that share our view. Companies that understand how individual people are. Companies that are ready to meet the expectations of the ambitious candidates, that seek for the best and want to push the world forward.

If you identify with Richard Branson’s words “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”, add your company to our database.

We are the fastest growing professional jobs and recruitment site in the high-tech aerospace world.

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  • Job offers in the high-tech aerospace industry.

  • Our site is dedicated only for space and high-tech aerospace industries. Plenty of exciting space jobs are being posted by the startups and big space companies from all over the world, every day.
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  • Company profiles with information about the employer.

  • We understand, how important it is to hire the right people. We encourage employers to share in advance, information on career development, company culture and to provide testimonials. Anything that will help candidates better imagine their career with the company, before they even apply for the job.
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  • Magazine with articles about the space companies and high-tech world.

  • We love technology. That's why we will promote companies that are working on great things. Send us a link to your website and we'll publish an article or video about your company.
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  • Collaboration between teams of Individuals and the Companies.

  • This is our concept. We want to help freelancers to join in teams and support companies with their projects. Companies will be able to delegate part of the project to the team of specialists without the necessity of hiring people full-time.

The team

Space Individuals Team
Kinga - Co-Founder at Space Individuals

Co-Founder, Aerospace Engineer

Mechanical Engineer & Aerospace Enginner. 7 years of experience in high-tech aerospace industry. GE plane engines, A350 XWB plane structures, X6 helicopter structure. Space and aviation enthusiast since childhood, entrepreneur by choice. Former glider pilot. Lucky individual who met right people at the right time.

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Igor - Co-Founder at Space Individuals

Co-Founder, Designer & Developer

UX Designer & Front-End Developer. Passionate in Entrepreneurship, Usability, New Technologies and Space. For last 10 years have been helping the clients to develop their businesses. Space Individuals is a reflection of all his interests. Almost all. He's also a snowboarder, private pilot license student and skydiver.

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Grzegorz - Backend Developer

Full stack Developer

Backend and Frontend magician - full stack developer working with JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJs, MongoDB and HTML. Built Space Individuals from scratch. Previously Mechanical Engineer. Curious about everything. Felt in love in new technologies, programming and bicycles. Always ready for a spin!

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