This is what space means to us.


We support the space industry by connecting those who long to explore space with those companies that will make it happen. This is what drives us to develop our platform. If you are one of the people ready to face the final frontier — we're there for you.


We make it easy for you to find a job in this industry, so that you can focus on the things which really matter. We've come a long way since the days of manually entering job posts on a daily basis and since then, we've established a solid portfolio of the most prestigious space companies and eager professionals. We are a welcoming and much-needed home for jobseekers who want to find the most relevant space job opportunities.


The infiniteness of space has inspired some of the greatest minds history has ever seen and those were the people who inspired our name. Everyone is unique. Everyone has their vision. Everyone has the potential to conquer the stars. We have an environment where both companies and individuals can capitalise on a shared desire to make a mark on the space industry.

We believe that the best work
is born from passion and knowledge.

And a huge dose of fun.

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tech jobs in space.

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